Digital currency mining at scale

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What We Do

Exposure to cryptocurrency mining through a traditional investment vehicle
Tailor expected returns based on your individual risk profile
Real-time visibility into mining operation & rewards

Why Blackcloud

Long term access to the most competitive energy costs
Private access to the fastest mining devices
Regulated—clear regulations within Canada
Trusted, auditable ownership through a traditional investment vehicle
Yield focused—Release dividends weekly
Low capital investment to gain exposure to an early stage asset class
Adhering to the highest security standards

Who We Are

Blackcloud is a cryptocurrency mining venture. Our infrastructure does the computing that validates transactions on various blockchain networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Each time we validate a transaction, we earn a reward paid in cryptocurrency. After the payment of operating expenses, Blackcloud distributes these cryptocoins to allow shareholders to share in the profits and gain direct exposure to cryptocurrency as an asset.

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